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The Ridgeview Home overlooking Kennisis Lake.

Thanks for considering Kennisis Contracting in the search for your dream cottage or home. We're very proud of our conventional and eco-log homes innovation and expertise, and we'd be equally proud to add you to our list of very satisfied home owners! 

Over the past 30 years, many  Kennisis cottages and  homes have been built. We've seen the trends come and go, and we've learned the differences that distinguish a quality home from an ordinary one, and separate a memorable home building experience from a disappointing one.

Kennisis Contracting has been in the construction trade independently since 1973.   Vince Lancia is the owner and chief craftsman in the day to day business of the company. Kennisis Contracting specializes in custom built cottages and homes. Our projects are divided equally between erecting eco-log buildings and often finishing the interior or building conventional homes/cottages in a turn key format. We refer to Vince’s plans as “Vinceroys”. Recently we are doing one building a year to sell along with up to a dozen other projects. Most of our trade is done in and around the Kennisis or Redstone Lakes, although the eco-log buildings often take the crew out of town.

Because of Vince’s vast experience in the trim business and the many buildings Kennisis Contracting has built over the years, we are in the unique position of being able to complete projects in less time and therefore at less expense to our clients while maintaining a healthy economic record.

While home styles may change, our commitment to value, structural integrity, and service is the same today as it was in 1973.
We're sure that you will find our homes both warm and inviting.  

You won’t see our company advertised often as our best advertising is from our many satisfied clients





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